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October, 2014



Gazette No. 18.


In which Broderick discovers the height of pretension at his local milk bar and re-enforces his hatred of cookery shows.


I was wandering through my local milk bar today and I noticed this bottle . It was $4.95 and worth every penny because it is a wonderful example of yuppie bullshit gone mad and very indicative of this “Selfy” period of history.



The concept of black water is in itself interesting but the fact it says on the bottle “ Alkaline Fulvic Trace Mineral infused water “ was worth the price alone.


I intend to keep the bottle as I think it will be worth a lot in the future much the same as the current desire for “Laugh-in Orange” ( for want of a better term ) plastic furniture from the early seventies .


And the title “blk”. What’s that? I guess this is what those Blackwater guys drink.



The taste, well, it’s kind of like that bottle of stale water you keep in the boot of your car in case you need to mix it with coolant.


I’m going to try mixing it with Pear Juice but that should make it look more engine oil.


It’s a funny world you know. Oil is “drizzled” on meals these days and …. “saucisses relax on a divan of puree de pommes de terre”.


Stephan Fry and I would agree on the absolute pretentiousness of food these days.


Hyacinth Bouquet has conquered the “ Free “ world.


And the world has gone mad.






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